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Priorities and Goals

Student Achievement

All students will meet or exceed grade level standards.

  • Use research-based instructional strategies, materials and technology to engage, support and challenge all students for academic success.
  • Provide consistent and timely communication with students and families regarding student progress.
  • Encourage, support and recognize students for academic growth, success, citizenship and attendance.
  • Engage parents in activities that will empower them to assist their children with identified needs.


Educational Environment

Provide a safe and healthy learning and working environment to maximize student learning.

  • Further implement the Facilities Master Plan to ensure a safe and well-maintained physical environment.
  • Refine and implement the Technology Master Plan to support innovation.
  • Work with community partners in developing and implementing plans for emergency preparedness, health and safety


Fiscal Responsibility

Prioritize the District and site budgets to meet the needs of students while maintaining fiscal solvency.

  • Efficiently allocate resources (i.e. facilities, equipment, supplies, staff, etc.) to support student learning. 
  • Conduct periodic budget review workshops with staff, labor organizations, community and the School Board. 
  • Continually monitor all district staffing levels, enrollment, revenues and expenditures.
  • Ensure alignment with local, state and federal spending plans, minimize deficit spending and maintain the legally-required reserves.


District Culture

Students, families, staff and community will continue to maintain respect, trust, integrity and a sense of belonging.

  • All stakeholders will continue to be respected, valued and treated as integral partners in the organization.
  • Build trust through ongoing collaborative relationships with positive interactions and behaviors.
  • Foster a climate where open communication and innovation are valued, encouraged and supported.


Parent and Family Involvement

The District and schools will maintain an atmosphere where families are supported, valued, engaged and respected.

  • Expand utilization of parent centers at all school sites for increased parent involvement.
  • Effectively utilize school and district websites, social media and other forms of two-way communication.
  • Foster a stronger home-school connection through professional development and family outreach.


Community Outreach

The Hawthorne School District community will continue to strengthen existing partnerships while establishing new relationships.

  • Promote our strengths through communication and participation in local events to recruit and retain students and partnerships.
  • Embrace the community by maintaining an open-door policy to foster trust and confidence in the District.
  • Empower parent representatives to promote district accomplishments throughout the community.
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