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Contact Information

Bea Travaglia, Project Facilitator
Hawthorne School District
(310) 263-3968

Alicia Del Bueno, Secretary
Hawthorne School District
(310) 263-3978

Summer Vilkins, Manager of School Based Program
Richstone Family Center
(310) 970-1921 ext. 128

Alberto Castañeda, Program Manager
(424) 241-6676

Jacqueline Jones, Program Specialist
(323) 839-4677


Cristina Garcia, Site Coordinator
Eucalyptus School
(310) 896-6917

Selene Maldonado, Site Coordinator
Jefferson School
(310) 863-5765

Victoria Espinoza, Site Coordinator
Kornblum School
(310) 896-6895

Douglas Moran, Site Coordinator
Ramona School
(310) 896-6570

Susana Gutierrez-Estrada, Site Coordinator
Washington School
(310) 863-9784

Carla Gonzalez, Site Coordinator
York School
(310) 896-6952

Noemi Nevarez-Soto, Site Coordinator
Zela Davis School
(310) 863-3766

Elizabeth Castillo, Assistant Site Coordinator
Zela Davis School
(310) 896-6978

Dyquiesha Littleton, Site Coordinator
Bud Carson Middle School
(310) 345-8611

Josh Esquivel, Site Coordinator
Hawthorne Middle School
(310) 863-9946

Eric Cortez, Site Coordinator
Prairie Vista Middle School
(310) 863-9726