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Aneska Ines Kekula
Purchasing Director
310-676-2276 ext 3921
Fax: 310-675-9464
Maria Soriano
Purchasing Assistant
310-676-2276 ext 3982
Fax: 310-675-9464
Eliscia Essex
Purchasing Clerk
310-676-2276 ext 3961
Fax: 310-675-9464
Welcome to the Hawthorne School District Purchasing Department. Our goal is to obtain maximum value through best-business practices, while providing our schools excellent service. We are an efficient, service-oriented team that demonstrates professional and ethical practices to obtain the best product quality, price, and prompt delivery. Because we are efficient, we hold high expectations from our vendors and suppliers.
Vendors interested in conducting business with the Hawthorne School District are required to complete a Company Profile Questionnaire. (Please scan and email your complete form to ikekula@hawthorne.k12.ca.us.)
We invite you to use the links provided on this website. If you have any questions about any aspect of the purchasing process, please feel free to contact me.
Click here for Hawthorne School District's General Conditions (Revised 4/2015)