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A Year Like No Other

When I became a teacher in the Hawthorne School District thirty-nine years ago, I could have never imagined a situation that would require our students to be at home learning on computers for months and months. At that time computers were not part of almost every household. We had one computer in each classroom that was the size of a small refrigerator and didn’t have many abilities. They were called Apple IIEs. They were usually used to play games like Oregon Trails or some math quizzes. This certainly isn’t the case today.

Our teachers, students, and parents have had to learn a whole new definition of, “going to school”. There are not very many of us who prefer this new normal to our traditional school. I know that I am anxiously awaiting the time we can have students return to campus. I want to see the joy in our students when they see friends, their teachers, and their principal. Unfortunately, we aren’t ready to do that just yet.

We have applied for waivers to allow our youngest learners back to school. With the current surges in COVID-19 cases, we don’t know when we will see approval. I want to assure our stakeholders that when we do return, we have many protocols in place to ensure the safety of all students and staff. We are doing everything we can to ensure an environment that allows students, staff, and families to feel safe and secure at school. We have purchased plexiglass shields, masks, additional cleaning materials, signage, and improved technology to assist in our transition back to school. I want to assure our school community that there will be options available to remain in a distance learning model through the end of this school year if you do not feel it is the right time to return to in-person instruction.

I want to thank all of the members of our Hawthorne School District community for your support, understanding and patience during this unprecedented time. I know it has not been easy. You are all the reason I am so happy I have spent my career in the Hawthorne School District!

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Superintendent Helen Morgan
Dr. Helen E. Morgan

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