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Budget Summary and Files 2016-17

Budget Chart 2016-17The 2016-17 First Interim Budget estimated over 91% of revenue will be provided by the State (LCFF and Other State).

Interim Expense Chart
The 2016-17 First Interim Budget estimates employee salaries and benefits to be approximately 77% of the General Fund expenditures.

2016-17 General Funds

The First Interim Budget represents the total revenues and expenditures anticipated in the current fiscal year, including prior year carryover and deferred revenue.   


Hawthorne School District General Fund income projected in 2016-17 is $98.2 million, with $77.3 million from LCFF Sources.  Total General Fund expenditures for the year are estimated at $103.8 million, with $79.5 million spent on employee salaries and benefits.  Overall, the decrease in fund balance is projected to be $5 million with an ending Unrestricted Fund Balance of $3.8 million.  The district will be able to meet the required 3% reserve for economic uncertainty of $3.1 million.


The First Interim Budget includes anticipated expenditure increases in both STRS and PERS, which when combined, equal an increase of over $1 million absent salary increases for the 2016-17 fiscal year.  This increase represents the statutory employer required contribution as exists under current law or is projected by PERS. 

  2015-16 2016-17
CalPERS Employer Rate (projected) 11.847% 13.888%
CalSTRS Employer Rate (statutory) 10.73% 12.58%