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LCAP Questions and Answers


  1. When will students be informed of intervention groups and the time of intervention? The intervention will start the week of August 24th, 2020.
  2. Will the transition to on-site learning be mandatory? When students can go hybrid, a full distance learning option will remain in place as well as on-site learning.
  3. What intervention measures will HSD take for students that do not have IEPs, but have a diagnosis of ADHD, how will HSD handle an ADHD student sitting in front of the computer for long periods, or working with Acellus? Teachers are finding lessons that will allow students to move around in their homes, such as scavenger hunts and home math assignments ex: measuring home appliances. Teachers may also give five-minute breaks in between lessons if need be. Speaking to the teacher about the student’s special needs is an option as well.
  4. Are small groups focused on children's needs, or are they chosen randomly? Small groups will focus on student’s needs. The teacher will look at the data, if students are having difficulty with certain areas, the teacher will pull all of these students together and work on the difficult areas. The same procedure will apply to enriched students as well. Teachers will pull students together that may need more challenging work and assign more challenging assignments.
  5. Will there be a plan for playground supervisors that are interacting with the students? Students will be kept together in their cohorts, students will not be allowed to mix with other cohorts. Mask will be required for all students, and sanitation protocols will be in place.
  6. Will support be offered to playground supervisors? HSD has support for all employees that includes certificated, classified, and administrative staff.
  7. What cleaning and disinfected protocols will be implemented? PH7 classroom regimen will be used. Room misters are being looked into for when students are not on campus. All restrooms are being disinfected four times a day. HSD is encouraging hand washing, and all classrooms will be disinfected daily.
  8. How will learning loss be handled at HMSA? HMSA will have the ability to use the Acellus program in regards to learning loss.
  9. Is HSD using zoom, or just google classroom? K-8 is using Google Meet, the high school is using Google Classroom.
  10. Will lunch be provided at school once on-site learning begins? Yes, children will be given meals on site.
  11. Is Acellus available to HMSA students? Yes, HMSA will use Acellus, Acellus is available to K-12.
  12. Will volunteers still be able to volunteer? No, not for a while, HSD will have to limit the number of individuals on campus.
  13. Is all intervention being done through the internet, when students go back on site will it happen in the same format or will it change? The intervention will be for the whole afternoon, if it’s a day that students are on campus, students will have small group intervention with their teacher. If intervention is during the days the students are not on campus intervention will be done with Acellus, with support staff. 


  1. Do students have to use the barcode that was sent home to pick up lunches? Dr. Ayala said that was correct, students need to have their lunch number.
  2. How do kids pay for reduced lunches. Do they pay online? Dr. Ayala said yes, lunches would be paid online.
  3. How many minutes do second grade students need to be on Acellus? Dr. Ayala said that in order for attendance to count, students need to have 120 minutes. She also said that students would be with support staff on the days they are on Acellus.
  4. Students are confused with the cohorts such as when teachers say that they are not in their group so students assume they are done for the day. Dr. Ayala said there is always school. If they (students) are not with their teacher they are with support staff in Acellus. She said today was the first day, that it would take some time to get use to the schedule. She said that she made a schedule for her and posted it on the refrigerator to help him remember the schedule.
  5. DELAC member said he had to call the school office because the student he was babysitting said he was all done, that the teacher told him “I’ll see you Thursday.”Dr. Ayala said that students should be in class between 8:40 and 1:50. She reminded DELAC members of the sample schedule she had shared during the presentation.
  6. DELAC member said he did see the sample question, but how about the parents that did not see the sample schedule? Dr. Ayala said that school site principals had sent emails, mail, and phone blasts to parents letting them know about the schedule.
  7. DELAC member said he just wanted to clarify and emphasize the importance of the loss of those missing connections, if parents don’t have that information, there is going to be a lot of confusion, especially for the little ones in kinder or first grade. Another member said she understood the confusion, but added that students in the afternoon are divided into three smaller groups to work with the teacher. When the teacher is working with smaller groups she might ask the students to turn off their microphones and cameras, but will give them a time to return. She said that’s what kids might be confused about. Dr. Ayala said the last 75 minutes of the day if for intervention or enrichment. She said the school day should be mirroring a regular school day. Students should be receiving math, language arts, history or science and an elective. She also said that teachers will share the time and what groups she/he is meeting with through Google Classroom.
  8. DELAC member said he just wanted to emphasize to parents that they need to make sure that students are following the schedule so that students aren’t going to other modules in Acellus. Dr. Ayala said that teachers are assigning the lessons the students need to complete. She said students should have 5 courses and teachers control how many lessons the students get a week. She said the minutes for math and language arts are important. She also reminded DELAC members that Mrs. Salas was offering parent workshops all this week. She said there would be a PD today at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 PM. She would be going over the parent component in Acellus. Mr. Salas said the 4:00 parent workshop was in Spanish.
  9. How long do students in middle school have to be in Acellus? Dr. Morgan said that middle school students have a longer day, in which Acellus mirrors a regular school day and that from 1:50 to 3:00 PM students would receive enrichment or support time.
  10. Will someone would be joining the students at 1:50? Dr. Morgan said yes, support staff will be checking in with students on the days they are doing Acellus. She said that we want to ensure students are receiving live interaction every single day with somebody.
  11. Mr. Salas said that students should be receiving an invite from support staff, classroom teachers for intervention or enrichment. Dr. Morgan reminded DELAC members that this is a learning experience for all of us, but that we will get through it. She also said that if they had further questions to contact their school administrator, herself, Dr. Ayala, or Mr. Salas. She thanked DELAC for their time, patience, and support.