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Governor Brown Visits Ramona School

Governor Brown visit
Ramona School was honored to host a visit from Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday, August 30th. He spent time visiting the fifth grade students in Mrs. Penny Kurugian’s class. He reinforced the day’s language arts lesson by reviewing comparative and superlative adjectives with the students. He then answered questions from the students. Before he left the student knew a bit more about what a day in the Governor’s life was like and was treated to a visit to his dog, Sutter’s webpage.  Governor Brown basketball

When the Governor finished his visit with the students, he held a short press conference and then found a little time to “shoot some hoops” with a group of students at recess.

The Hawthorne School District was selected to host the Governor through the efforts of our local teachers association. It was another opportunity to show the community the great things happening in the Hawthorne School District.

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