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Minimum Days


EC 48980(c):Every Wednesday is a minimum day for elementary and middle schools students.  In addition, students will follow a minimum day schedule during parent conferences, and the last day of the school year (see below).  Minimum day dismissal is 2:00 p.m.

Each site will have minimum days on Back to School Night and Open House Night.  Schools will send home notices of these dates and times.

Note:  Kindergarten students do not follow minimum day schedules, but attend school the same hours every day. (See School Behavior Codes)


Minimum Days (2:00 p.m. dismissal except for HMSA)

Every Wednesday        August, 2018 – June, 2019


Conference Periods (2:00 p.m. dismissal except for HMSA)




Elementary/Middle Schools

December 3 – 14, 2018

March 25, - April 5, 2019


Last Day of the School Year




Elementary/Middle Schools

June 21, 2018



 HMSA  June 7, 2018    

Dates subject to change