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The Hawthorne School District works in partnership with the Inspiring, Caring, Exciting, Stimulating (ICES) program. All staff is hired through the ICES except for the Project Facilitator and Academic Coach.

  • A Project Facilitator: Supervising the ALL program and working directly as a liaison between Hawthorne School District & ICES.
  • 2 Program Coordinators: Supporting all of the program sites with programming, support and data collection.
  • 10 Site Director's and 1 Assistant: Responsible for coordinating the program at the site level.
  • Program Leaders: Responsible for working with the students. One for every 20 students.
  • Academic Coach: Hawthorne School Teacher who provides academic support and act as liaisons between the after school and the regular school day.

The Academic Coaches provide support to after school staff in the design, implementation, monitoring, and assessment of the literacy component.