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Summer Enrichment Programs

The Hawthorne School District is excited to offer the following summer enrichment programs. These programs will be filled with engaging and enriching activities that will prepare students for success next school year.

Two Bit Circus is providing students with the opportunity to explore (S)cience,(T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (A)rt, and (M)ath through hands-on innovative learning experiences and the engineering design process.

Action Youth America (AYA) serves the unique academic, physical, and social needs of students AYA summer program is providing students with IN-PERSON enrichment opportunities through activities in the arts, sports, dance, music, team building, karate and much more.

Footsteps2Brilliance is offering a free virtual summer school for Hawthorne students that give them access to thousands of books, games, and songs to develop reading and writing skills pre-K through 3rd grade

Air Tutor courses are designed to bridge the gap between grades while providing enrichment and support for individual learning in a fun and exploratory environment. Courses are customized to match the availability of students, with a maximum of 5 students in each cohort. Students are grouped by grade level and school where possible.